I’m Katya Kolmakov, and I’m your friendly neighbourhood cosy mystery, romance & humour writer. You can find several of my books on Amazon Kindle, and you can read my cosy romance/mystery webserials on Wattpad for free.

All my stories take place in the same multiverse. For years my two protagonists have been the echoes of my original characters created in 2013, and with time, the worlds I created in my stories started merging and crossing over. To explain the similarities between my protagonists, some of them became distant relatives. Others started reading and publishing each other’s books. Some became neighbours in the fictional County of Fleckney. When reading my books, I hope you have fun finding these connections – just as I had fun creating them!

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Without much ado, let’s jump into my Wattpad Series, in case you’re confused, or just like to have everything neatly organised in one place.

All of the stories take place in the same fictional County of Fleckney, with Fleckney Woulds being the county town, with two large villages – Lower Woulds and Fleckney Fields – surrounding it. I’m currently working on the list of frequently appearing locations and characters.

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The Swallow Barn Cottage Series {feel good romance + humour}

Note: This series is COMPLETE, but you will encounter all of these characters in the stories from other series.

A man and a woman are stuck together in a lovely cottage in the village of Lower Woulds. Each of them has a past and a secret to hide. Will the magic of the Swallow Barn cottage help them overcome all obstacles and find their way to each other?

In these stories we meet John, Will, and Oliver, three brothers from the large Holyoake family, inhabiting the county of Fleckney – and their respective future spouses, Clementine, Fiona, and Ulla.

The Fleckney Fields Series {feel good romance}

On the other side of the County of Fleckney, there live the ‘other Holyoakes’ – Rhys, Sam, Julie, and Maisie, as well Niklas (a.k.a. Klaus) Bjornsson, their cousin. Read about their journeys and their search for love and happiness in the new ongoing series.

“Look Back at Me” is the story of Dr. Viola Holyoake, who returns to the peaceful picturesque village of Fleckney Fields, the home of the large family of her ex-husband, Rhys. Since their divorce, she’s received her medical degree, got married, built her career, gone through a second, much less dramatic divorce – and now she’s ready to enjoy the quiet countryside life and medical practice that she’s always dreamt of, no romance included.

Fox & Oakby Murder Mysteries {cosy mystery + romance +humour}

Welcome to Fleckney Woulds, the county town where hills are green and rolling, the skies are blue, the Mayor is a dashing workaholic, and murders are aplenty.

Imogen Fox is the personal assistant of John Oakby, the Mayor of the small rural town of Fleckney Woulds. According to all clich├ęs, she’s madly in love with her unaware workaholic of a boss – but that won’t stop her from building her own little family, solving a murder (or two), and saving the town from a financial scheme devised by a mysterious overseas corporation.

Blind Carnival {vanilla erotica + romance +humour}

Olivia Dane is an erotica writer, a widow of 7 years, and isn’t at all interested in finding herself a man. When she’s forced to go on a blind date, the last thing she expects is to find the perfect man – or to be precise, the perfect guinea pig for her writing experiments. And yes, it IS the Olivia Dane, whose books all my other protagonists read. Her books play a prominent role in the fate of Imogen Fox, educate Fiona Holyoake, entertain Dr. Viola Holyoake, and will appear in my other webserials later.