I’m Katya Kolmakov, and I’m your friendly neighbourhood cosy mystery, romance & humour writer. You can find several of my books on Amazon Kindle, and you can read my cosy romance/mystery webserials on Wattpad for free.

All my stories take place in the same multiverse. For years my two protagonists have been the echoes of my original characters created in 2013, and with time, the worlds I created in my stories started merging and crossing over. To explain the similarities between my protagonists, some of them became distant relatives. Others started reading and publishing each other’s books. Some became neighbours in the fictional County of Fleckney. When reading my books, I hope you have fun finding these connections – just as I had fun creating them!

Please, look at the menu on top of the page for my Kindles, my art & merch, and my blog.

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