Hello! I’m Katya Kolmakov, and I’m a writer. You can find several of my books on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. You can read my fanfiction and webserials on and Wattpad.

I started writing in December 2013. My first snippets of romance fiction appeared on after I watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, because I needed something that would be only mine – something that wasn’t part of my job, my grad studies, my family, my background, me being a wife and a mum. I created my original character Wren, who later has become my constant protagonist.

Jane Austen said – and J.K. Rowling repeated – that one should write about something one knows well; so I created an ultra-sensitive, empathic INFJ character, who I thought would be a good pair to the Thorin Oakenshield I had in my mind. Both these characters later developed into a myriad of modern and alternate universe characters. I enjoy playing with different back stories, circumstances, and facets of the personalities for my Wren/Olivia/Etta/Gemma and Thorin/John/Jack/Darius/Marcus – keeping their core characteristic intact, but exploring how they would change if their lives, their universes, and their relationships were different.

Since then I’ve indie published several novels on Amazon (they are available in paperback and Kindle (including Kindle Unlimited)); and I continue writing. You can find several of my webserials to read for free on Wattpad. Once my stories are complete I tend to turn them into Kindle (I always make the Kindle Unlimited option available) and/or paperbacks; and I’m planning to turn my initial Wren/Thorin stories into a series of fantasy romance novels.

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