Remember Blind Carnival? She writes erotica novels; he’s boring in bed? And then they decide to test some ideas for her writing? 😀 Yep, that one.

It’s here!

After long consideration, I decided that it wouldn’t be a book (I don’t want to ask you to pay for something you’ve read before); and it wouldn’t go on Wattpad (Olivia and John the Architect are my favourite original characters of mine; I just want to keep them close to my heart)…

…so here it is! Every Saturday, I’ll post a chapter here on my blog.

And you know what? The wonderful talented Selma Pimentel is drawing art for it!

That’s it, my lovelies! I can’t even say anything else about it at the moment – I’m that excited to run and edit and post!

I promise to write a post soon about the process of rewriting it and what I’ve changed. There’s a fair amount of changing – and making it more feminist and in tune with my values these days. But the essence of it – real romance, real people, humour, and frolicky shag – will stay intact.

Have a look, my lovelies!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Cheers! xx

P. S. I have to confess, I’ve had a tad too much eggnog… and it wasn’t the child version of it. Oops 😛

Katya Kolmakov
Katya Kolmakov. Mother. Writer. Artist. Fanfiction and Wattpad. First novel on Amazon


  1. I am happy you found your vocation in working with children. And still keep writing stories. Of course, I remember “Blind Carnival”. Well written, as always. I am sure, there are many people around who would love it. I sincerely wish you a lot of success!
    However, I am quite intrigued by your new story “Duplexity”.
    Love, A.

    1. Thank you, A. It’s good to see you around again 🙂 And yes, I seem to be settling into my new, absolutely unexpected life, and thank you for your supportive words! ‘Duplexity’ is a fun one, isn’t it? I decided one needs to step out of their comfort zone from time to time to build the character, and this one will be adventure/fantasy packed besides my usual romance/erotica package. I hope readers enjoy it. I’m also experimenting with my art, trying new media, challenging myself.

      Hope you’re doing well!

      Cheers! xx

  2. After a busy schedule I’ve had a chance to check your blog and look what I stumbled upon. Such a shame you won’t put it into paperback, I’d just looooove to add it to my bookcase as I’ve already got your other two! Which, by the way, I just adore. If you do ever decided to make it into a book be sure to let us know so I can snatch it up
    Like always, love the story and you!
    Take care,

    1. Thank you so much, Grace! Your support and your comment mean a lot. I’m definitely considering to publish “Blind Carnival” as a paperback in a long run – but for now I want to post the old chapters and write more. I’ve always felt that the story hasn’t been complete. I’m also currently pondering which of my wattpad stories ( I should turn into a book next. Do you read them? If yes, which one should become the next paperback: “Jack in the Box” or “Official Town Business.” The latter is almost complete, and I love it to bits.

      Thank you again for being my reader! It warms my heart that some people stick around through all my pages, and breaks I take, and new stories I start!

      With love,

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