Remember Blind Carnival? She writes erotica novels; he’s boring in bed? And then they decide to test some ideas for her writing? 😀 Yep, that one.

It’s here!

After long consideration, I decided that it wouldn’t be a book (I don’t want to ask you to pay for something you’ve read before); and it wouldn’t go on Wattpad (Olivia and John the Architect are my favourite original characters of mine; I just want to keep them close to my heart)…

…so here it is! Every Saturday, I’ll post a chapter here on my blog.

And you know what? The wonderful talented Selma Pimentel is drawing art for it!

That’s it, my lovelies! I can’t even say anything else about it at the moment – I’m that excited to run and edit and post!

I promise to write a post soon about the process of rewriting it and what I’ve changed. There’s a fair amount of changing – and making it more feminist and in tune with my values these days. But the essence of it – real romance, real people, humour, and frolicky shag – will stay intact.

Have a look, my lovelies!

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Cheers! xx

P. S. I have to confess, I’ve had a tad too much eggnog… and it wasn’t the child version of it. Oops 😛

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