Cake, or Death? (Help Me to Choose What to Write!)


In the immortal words of Eddie Izzard – cake, or death? (Seriously, his routine “Dress to Kill” is one of my most favourite things in the world!) Please, help me choose which story to write first!

I’ve decided to try a new format: I’m planning to write a webserial, and sell it in my Etsy shop $1 per chapter. Each chapter will be an instant download PDF file, meaning you pay, and it gets emailed to you right away. Each file will include a chapter and at least three illustrations. Depending on how this format is received, a new chapter will be posted bi-weekly, or monthly.

Here is the sample of a PDF file you’d be able to purchase:

Pierce and Schrupp. Chapter 1 (Sample)

And now the question! Which of the two stories would you like to see written? Please, let me know here in comments (an anonymous answer with a number would suffice 😀 but I’m always happy to hear more from you!); or on my writer’s Facebook page.

Option 1:


Red Velvet and Florentines


Edith ‘Eddie’ Lark is a genius dessert chef from Canada, working in a fancy restaurant in New York. Suddenly, her life falls apart: The man she was going to marry leaves for Australia, and her working visa has expired. The owner of the restaurant proposes her a harlequin novel solution – to get married for her to stay in the country. Eddie isn’t sure it’s a good idea: the man is a bag of cats, a workaholic, and knows nothing about her – and seems to want to know even less – including the fact that she has a five year old daughter.


Option 2:


Gwen Pierce and Otilia Schrupp are a successful team of a mystery writer and an illustrator. When the two of them witness a grotesque murder at an art show, they are torn between sticking their noses into the investigation led by a dashing inspector, Einar Sigurgeirson, and minding their own business. Meanwhile, a series of break-ins into Gwen’s home brings her closer to her neighbour, while the investigation is pulling her towards one of the suspects.

So, what do you think, my darlings? 🙂

P.S. All the drawings used for the covers and illustrations will be available for looking at and purchasing on my DeviantArt page.

26 thoughts on “Cake, or Death? (Help Me to Choose What to Write!)

  1. I lean towards “Red Velvet” though both truly sound good. However, have you thought of selling a completed story? I bought “Convince Me the Winter Is Over” and I would be more inclined to purchase a full story. For example, I would love for you to make the “Dr. T” series, when finished, a complete compilation … I would buy it. Or the “Scattered” series (fanfiction) as a compilation or your JukePop stories. Or any of your works for that matter … Then again, I’m only one person … just a thought.

    1. I’ll count your vote towards “Red Velvet” then 🙂 As for posting a story complete, it would be great if it were completed! 😉

      I want to try this format with the story, so that people could purchase one chapter, and decide if they want to continue, as opposed to buying a book for $20. I also like having a schedule and updating a story a day. I love switching between stories and worlds. I think it allows me to give them a fresh look. Otherwise, I feel I become too wrapped up in characters, and lose broader understanding and perspective.

      As for publishing (or self-publishing) a story that has already been written, I’m only grateful that you feel that way. Let’s start with “Stop, Hammer Time,” alright? I’m editing it right now, and in November I’ll submit it to that Amazon publishing contest. If it gets published, those who voted for it will get a copy for free. If not, it’ll still be ready and I will publish it just like “Convince Me.”

      I’m really flattered by what you said about other stories. It is a great idea! I will start with “Hammer Time,” and then perhaps will publish more stories. “Dr T,” or “Blind Carnival” maybe.

      May I ask, would you consider buying a Kindle addition, or a paperback?

      1. First, I hope you don’t think I was questioning your approach … you are the artist and, obviously, the way you create results in lovely, enjoyable “creations.” And, while I am of the old school and love the feel and smell of a book (and we have oh so so so many books and some quite old editions), I have been moving more and more towards kindle in the last few years because it’s easier, easy to travel with or to take to book club meetings and easier to share with spouse and children and to read in bed (which I do every night) … So I bought your novel in kindle. I have also gotten beloved books on kindle as well just to have them more accessible. And, as I’ve said before you’re style is fresh and different and light (in a very good way) … and your attention to detail and knowledge of subjects is fun. And, I tend to be a little bit of a snob when it comes to the written word 😀

        1. Thank you for your comment! It’s really helpful! Once I’m done with editing “Hammer Time,” it’ll be time to decide whether I want to release the texts only on Kindle, or paperback is worth investment too. That’s why I asked.

          As usual, you’re very kind! Thank you for the compliments.

          And I do share your love for real books, but indeed, there’s only that much room in one’s home, and there are so many books to have and to reread!

  2. Oh, this is a tough one! And these cake and hotties covered, um, covers are not helping 😉
    But, I think a nice murder mistery with a side of some cool chicks and hot guys gets my vote. In case this was to round about 😀 I vote for Pierce and Shrupp.

  3. I think my vote has to be ‘Red Velvet’ although I know I’ll be completely hooked on whichever one you turn your attention to next 🙂 As for the complete book thing, I’m wholeheartedly in with that too; I’d like a whole shelf of Katya Kolmakov novels to add to my collection 🙂 xx

    1. Double royal and male majesticness takes the vote 🙂 And I don’t think anyone can 🙂

      (There’s also the victim’s wife’s ex, the world famous artist, suspiciously looking like Tom Hiddleston. I’m clearly on a Loki kick these days :D)

  4. Forget to mention that I like the idea of your selling your stories (with illustrations) on Etsy. You can sell them one by one, and then as a compilation when the story is finished. I’m in, either way.

    1. Thank you! I decided to try the new format. It seems accessible and fun. And just leaving the Etsy shop lying around there seemed like a waste. As for a full book, I’m planning to start on that, once I’m done with the Amazon contest for “Hammer Time” in November.

  5. I would like to vote for Pierce and Shrupp. Although, Red Velvet also sounds appealing. Because I know whatever we are voting for, you will deliver an excellent story. But you have not given us a preview of Red Velvet,yet…:) I’d prefer to buy a whole book (as in paper). Buying on Etsy seems like an obstacle for me (residing in Europe), especially if I have to pay dollar by dollar, having to create an account, credit card fees, etc… Patreon also doesn’t sound very attractive to me, because of the monthly obligation, same obstacles and the money they charge for their service, which in my opinion, should go directly to the artist.
    Your writing, in my opinion, is good enough to make a living from 🙂 What I’m really wanting to say is that you are really very good 🙂
    I love reading your stories. Your writing style is brilliant, your characters believable and your protagonists lovable and easy to empathise with (which is important for me). Just my opinion.
    Thank you, Love, A.

    1. I’ll consider your vote for Pierce and Schrupp counted 🙂

      As for the format, I can’t really sell the book whole since it’s not written yet, can I? 🙂 I’m planning to publish more of my complete texts, though. “Stop, Hammer Time!” is currently being edited and hopefully it’ll be published through Amazon in November.

      I haven’t heard of anyone experiencing any issues with Etsy in Europe, with the exception of Eastern European countries, such as Russia and Serbia, and still mostly people ended up receiving what they ordered. The chapters would also be sold in a PDF, instant download format, meaning you’d get them in an email after purchasing them. And isn’t Etsy using the same format of payment as Amazon where you would purchase a book, both Kindle and paperback?

      Again, I might be just uninformed in this question. I’ve been spoiled by the convenience of purchasing stuff online here. I can completely understand if Etsy isn’t working for some. I guess, you’ll have to wait for me to finish the book then 🙂

      As for Patreon, that isn’t a platform for purchasing texts or images. It’s a system, which allows audience express their support and gratitude towards an artist. So, it’s in no way an obligation. I see it sort of a little club, really 🙂

      And I do too hope to make my living on writing and drawing alone, but let’s face, it’s not happening any time soon 😀 I might as well just have fun with it, as opposed to stressing about it 🙂

      And thank you! For reading, leaving comments, and your support!

  6. Am I still on time? Mmmmm, hard choice, really. I’m sure that I’d enjoy both, but since we already got a teaser of the whodunit… let’s go for that one! My vote for Superman John, I mean, Pierce and Shrupp. 😉

    1. Ahahahaha it’s so lovely that you too noticed the superman shirt 😀 Somehow for me it was the best thing about this chapter, and I LOVE that you noticed! And no, it’s not too late. Vote counted! 🙂

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