Companion Piece || Triple Trouble

“Mrs. Leary, this is Ms. Edna, your sons’ teacher.” You internally groan. What is it this time?

“Yes, Ms. Edna. How can I help you?” You drop your head on your desk. The lab flasks in front of you give out a sad clank. Yes, my dearies, your sympathy is well deserved.

“Well, we’re having a bit of a situation in here…” Ms. Edna’s voice is cautious. “Thomas has locked himself in a supply closet.”


“I am sorry to hear that.” Pronouncing apologies for your sons is sort of an automatic response for you by now.

“Well, you see, Mrs. Leary, the closet doesn’t have a lock…”

You gently bang your head to the table.

“And where’s Dain and Othin?” you ask mournfully.

“That’s another… um… problem. We had to put Dain into the headmaster’s office. There was a row…”

You straighten up in shock. “Dain was in a fight?!” What in the name of all deities could make Dain fight?

“Of course not!” Ms. Edna chuckles. That indeed would be a sign of an impending apocalypse. “Two girls had a fight over his attention. Blood was shed…”

You bite into your bottom lip. That sounds more like your second youngest son. Well, technically second youngest – there were three minutes difference between him and Thomas.

“And Othin?”

“Othin is fine. He’s snacking at the moment.” There’s warmth in her tone. No one can resist Othin’s sunny smile and the blue eyes he inherited from his father.

“So, Ms. Edna, what is to be done about Thomas?”

“Well, we’re in the middle of negotiations with him.” She sighs and ventures into the explanations. “You have to understand me right, Mrs. Leary, we are not in any way blaming him. This morning we just had a safety lesson and explained to the children that there are a lot of dangerous materials in the pantry. So, I assume… he probably tried to protect other children from entering the closet.”  Bloody hero, always taking care of his subjects! You think of a regal posture of your oldest son. Well, he was only three minutes ahead of Dain and nine minutes ahead of Oliver – but still, bloody heir to the throne of Thorington line. “We’re just informing you of the incident,” Ms. Edna keeps on droning into your ear. “And again we suggest you find some sort of extracurricular activities for him. Such an astonishing engineering talent in a five year old… We don’t even know how he managed to assemble a deadbolt; there was absolutely nothing to use for him in the closet…” You close your eyes.

“Thank you for your suggestion, Ms. Edna. We did sign him up for a science club, but as you can understand he’s rather bored there… And they do not want to accept him to a higher level, until he passes the first. And the discussion of colours and shapes irritates him.”

Ms. Edna chuckles. “We are familiar with the attitude, Mrs. Leary. And the glare.”

Bloody Thorington! Bloody Thorington glare!

You sigh again. “Do you need me to come, Ms. Edna? I can escape the lab for a couple hours.”

“Probably not, our science teacher is here, and she is talking him through the disassembly of the lock he’d made. I’ll keep you posted, Mrs. Leary.”

“Thank you. Have a great day!”

She chuckles. “You too.”

You hang up and groan. And once again look at the positive pregnancy test in front of you. Oh poop!

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