Cut Through The Heart || Chapter 19. Wrennie and The Finale

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“I’m sorry….” His voice is low and honest. “I really am, Wren. I just needed some distance. Some time to think. To sort it out in my head.” He sighs. “I should have called, but I felt…”

Trapped? Annoyed? Happy to get away from you?

“Scared…” You can hear him exhale sharply. “I miss you, Wren. And it’s a bloody new feeling.” Oh god… You bite your lip. “I have trouble sleeping.” He’s chuckling. “Even more than usual.”

Oh fuck, the relief! He’s not dumping you! It’s just your usual misunderstanding! You are fine, you just don’t know how to talk to each other.

His voice’s velvet. He’s obviously smiling. “I have this weird feeling like we just don’t know how to talk to each other.”

Oh. My. Fucking. God!

“Like we speak different languages, Wren. I always seem to say something wrong. Or, given you are a rare odd thing, I just don’t understand what you are saying.” You feel the tears on your cheeks. “Wren?”

“Uh-huh.” You really don’t trust your voice right now.

“Maybe…” His sinful voice is an octave lower. “We should just keep on having sex, at least there we seem to communicate nicely.”

“I approve of this plan.” Your laugh is shaky. But then you think of all the past and how it has to be different to work. “But maybe we still should talk a little bit…”

Also, you really want to hear his uncontrollable talking in bed again.

“Well, you would hear me talk a lot if we were just shagging…” His throaty chuckle is the best thing you have ever heard in your life. You giggle. “You know, Wren, I think that little giggle of yours is the best thing I have ever heard in my life.”

You are not even surprised anymore.

And you are so in love with him!

“Wren, I… I…” Alarm, alarm, alarm! He clears his throat. “I’ll be back in two days, can I ask you for a favour?”

Yes, John, for you anything! Does he want you to water his flowers? Pick up his laundry? Warm up his bed before he comes back?

“When I’m back, I would love to find you in my flat, well, in one particular spot in my flat… Could you do this for me?”

“I don’t have a key.”

“I’ll email the concierge to let you in.”

“Alright. On one condition…” You have a low suggestive tone too.

“Yes, Wren, for you anything.” He is laughing.

“Bring me a kimono, and not some creepy geisha underwear.”

He guffaws.

“I actually checked a Wikipedia page to send you that text. I have no idea what geishas wear, Wren.”


His lips are sliding up from your knees, hands caressing your hips. Then they slide on your inner thighs, and you moan. He’s still dressed in his coat, and you push it off his shoulders. The tie and the jacket follow, he’s moaning and mumbling into your skin. Shoes, trousers, and socks, shirt, pants… He pushes you back on the bed, and your wrap your arms and legs around him.

You’re still dressed, but you didn’t have much on to start with. You gave in to Thea’s pressure. You guess the red lacy set was the right choice. It’s on the floor in a few second though. You’re surprised the two of you even got to bed. He’s kissing your neck, and although you are used to his talking by now, you realize that the leitmotivs seem to have changed.

“Wrennie, Wrennie, oh god, I missed you… God, never going anywhere again.”

You’re arching into him. He presses his cock into you and then pauses. His lips are gently brushing your ear, and you realize he’s asking something.

“What?” you pant out.

“Are you on a pill, Wren?” Oh yes, please! You nod. He gulps but doesn’t move.

“Please, can we?..” He’s still hiding his face into your neck. You nod again, and he pushes into you.

This is the most exquisite feeling you have ever experienced in your life. The hot skin, the length, the thickness… Oh, he has missed you!

“God, Wrennie… I have missed you…”

You smile, and he starts moving. He pushes into you, deep determined thrusts, and you cry out. Your hands are splayed on his back, his cock rubbing on your inner walls, just the right spot. You feel like every breath you take presses you closer to him, his coarse chest hair deliciously rubbing your oversensitive breasts, and then he lifts his torso and supports himself on his elbows. His hands cup your jaw, and he halts his hips. His kisses are suddenly slow and loving, thumbs rubbing your cheekbones. Then even these caresses stop, and he’s staring into your eyes.

“Wren, I…” The panic, the vulnerability, the raw emotions – all of it is splashing in his eyes, and you smile into them. Sometimes you need to be the knight in shining armour, and save your Dark and Sexy damsel in distress.

“I know… It’s alright, John…” You kiss his lips, and he emits a funny sound. It is a moan and a sob and a chuckle.

“Stop pitying me, Wren!”

You laugh and kiss him again. He’s kissing your neck now, and his hips start moving again. Long, almost painfully deep strokes, your calves on his delicious buttocks, and you rake his back with your nails.

“Oh Wrennie…”

You’re moving together; you meet each of his thrusts with a lift of your hips; and your lips are fused together, tongues caressing, his hands still on the sides of your face; and you bury yours into his hair. You are looking into his eyes, and they are shining, radiant, happy, candid. You laugh from a sudden feeling of a complete, undiluted happiness, and he laughs with you, though obviously not understanding the reason, and then you feel the hot wave of climax approaching, and you push up your hips, squeeze his pelvis and waist with your legs, spurring him, and he picks up speed. The first hot spurge of his cum hits your walls, and the orgasm bursts inside you. You cry out and arch your back to the limit. He thrusts several more times, hitting your cervix, and you are screaming from the pleasure, tears bursting from your eyes.

“Wrennie, Wrennie, my Wrennie, god, I love you…”

He’s panting, pressing his face into your neck, and sobbing starts shaking your body. God, shut it, Wren, he’ll think you are mental. He lifts his face and looks at you. You sniff and try containing the emotions. Never worked with you before.

“Tell me that’s happy tears!” He’s laughing but you think his eyes are a bit wet too. You’re of course imagining it.

“They are! God, they are! I just haven’t had sex for a while, and never without a condom, and I missed you, and I guess…”

“Shoosh, Wren!” He presses his lips to yours, and you laugh into his mouth. He lets you go and laughs too.

Then he drops his head on the pillow near yours. You are basking in the afterglow, and then suddenly you freeze. Did he just say?.. Every muscle in your body is tense, and he chuckles into your neck that he just started kissing.

“Did my sloppy declaration only just reached your brain?” You gulp.

“Yes?” He snorts. Then he lifts his head and looks into your eyes. They’re probably twice as big as normal. He lifts one glorious, mouth-watering, panties-dropping brow.

“You are being impolite, Wrennie.” Oh the fake strict tone! All professory and hot!

“Oh, I love you too!”


And he is kissing you again.


P.S. The story will continue in Heal All Wounds. 

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  1. Lovely conversation, lovely reunion. 🙂
    Maybe a little too short for my taste, but only because I wanted to read more.
    I am looking forward to “Heal all wounds <3 " !
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Belated B’day. Thank you for continuing this story. I’ve been following it since you had it on fanfiction and it gets better with every re-read. So looking forward to “Heal All Wounds” and other side snippets of these two you had on fanfiction. You have refreshing and unique writing style. Thank you for sharing it! I’m guilty of not commenting but trying to be better. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the congratulations and for the lovely comment! The adventures in Dr T will continue, and hopefully once we get to the previously never posted chapters you will enjoy the first read as well 🙂

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