Cut Through The Heart || Chapter 2. Wrennie’s Kiss and Tell


One thing has to be said about Dr. Thorington. He is a mind-blowing kisser. He will be presumably exceptional in the sack – not that you are going to investigate any time soon. No, no, none of that nonsense! No, no… Oh, yes!… His lips slide on the corner of your mouth, and you feel a gentle caress of the tip of his tongue. Mamma bloody mia…

Where were you? Right, he’s – definitely – going to be a magnificent shag, but right now, enveloped in his arms, you’re receiving some sort of special treatment, sent to Earth by all possible deities and previously soaked in ambrosia and powdered by fairy dust.

He’s switching between tender caresses, and greedy nips and sucks, and you’re literally swooning. You realized the two of you have spent quite a while in this lift, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered. Your feet are getting cold in the stockings on the floor, but hell if you are going to interrupt him!

The magic of his kisses is in one simple fact. He’s not trying to achieve anything by his actions. He’s just really, really enjoying the process. It’s not a seduction technique, not a hurried half arse attempts to turn you on before a quick boff, it’s not a performance to show his skill. You hear a low rumble in his chest. Is he bloody purring?!

Then suddenly the tone changes, and he smiles into your mouth. Then he dips you backwards, and the kiss is theatrical and silly. You start laughing. He kisses the hollow between your clavicles, and you choke on your frolics.

“Cold?” He points at your feet with his eyes. The tone is warm and considered, and so bloody sexy!

“Yes.” You have to clear your throat. You sound way too breathy. He picks you up bridal style.

“Press the button, Miss Leary.”

“Which floor?”

“Well, I’m in the penthouse…” Posh tosser.

“Third it is.”

The trip is short, but he manages to give you an appreciative look over. You accept your destiny and enjoy the trip.

“Lovely dress, Miss Leary.”

Oh, you are so crazy about his eyes when they are glinting with this mischief, the corners of sensual lips twitching. That is the man you want between your sheets! Fuck, Wren, some self-control would be nice!

“Thank you, Dr. Thorington.”

The door opens on your floor. He strides out of the lift.

“Which way, Miss Leary?”

“Left. You do realize, Dr. Thorington, that I have another person sleeping in my room?”

“Your friend Thea Martin, I presume?” Hm, interesting. “I might have asked around when I saw you at the breakfast.”

“You spied on me?” Creep!

He laughs. “I asked one male employee of the hotel if he saw you, and he told me all about a vivacious, voluptuous, chestnut haired young woman you share your room with.”

Damn, are you feeling a prickle of jealousy? Well, that’s just bonkers. But considering you just tried to make him jealous, you deserve it.

“This one.” He places you on the floor in front of your door. You feel like in the Seventh Grade, when Paul O’Hara walked you home, and the whole times you were thinking what you were going to do if he wanted to kiss you, and there was this awkward moment, whether you are supposed to…

Thorington presses your body into the door. Well, that answers your question.

This time you are participating more actively, your hands are in the thick hair on his nape, and he bends down to give you more access to his mouth. You open his lips with your tongue. Was that a deep sensual moan, Dr. Thorington?

He jerkily steps back and exhales sharply.

“Good night, Miss Leary.”

Ha, now whose chest is heaving, Dr. I-am-going-to-saunter-and-daze-her-with-my-magnificent-kissing? You are especially enjoying the view of his raging erection in his denim. Have fun with that tonight!

“G’night, John,” you murmur and slip into the room.

The last thing you see is a dazed half-lidded gaze from Dr. John Thorington. Red spots are burning on his cheekbones above his black beard, his ponytail in disarray.

Point Wren.


“Nothing happened. We kissed, he walked me to the room.”

“Awwww,” Thea coos.

It’s amazing how omitting some details immediately turns a bloody gropefest into a romantic encounter.

“Did he ask you out for dinner?”

“No, actually he didn’t. He mentioned it earlier, but to think of it, later he switched to ‘let’s have a drink after the reception.'”

“Well, let’s wait and see where it all goes. And now to the most important part…” She settles down on your bed. “Tell me everything about the kiss.”

You groan and fall face down into your pillow. Telling her about it will be like pressing “Repeat” button. You will have to relive it all and then… release your tension. Again.


After breakfast you leave Thea in the talented hands of Tom the masseur, and judging by the heated glances they’re exchanging, she’ll be preoccupied for a while. You return to the Rivendell. You have a few meetings in your itinerary. You are increasingly in love with the center. As competitive as the environment in here is, you don’t feel the stressful energy that hacks you off in the Yamataki lab.

Around lunch time you’re chatting with a few postgrad students in a cubicle, when a door opens, and Dr. Elwig walks in.

“Wren, lovely to see you.”

“Dr. Elwig, good day. I’m being persuaded by your postgrads to apply for an internship in your center.”

“Just like I offered you yesterday, Wren. We need you here.” You catch a glimpse of the students exchanging glances. Should you be creeped out or flattered?

“Stealing our best, Hugo?” John’s velvet voice comes from behind the partition.

Oh, your ovaries were not ready for Dr. Delicious in a white button-up shirt and a steely grey jacket with a bright pink pocket square.

“I’m sure Miss Leary can speak for herself and for her employment choices.” Elwig’s tone is very haughty.

And now please run around me and pee on my leg. Chauvinistic pigs.

Thorington gives Elwig an unpleasant smile and then suddenly snakes his arm around your waist and kisses your cheek.

“Morning, Wren.” What the actual fuck?! “Hugo here is showing me around, and now he is taking me to lunch. Speaking of a smooth talker. Would you care to join us?”

Definitely pee on my leg. And then start throwing poo at each other.

“I’m sorry, but I already made plans with these lovely young people here.” You give the postgrads a burning glare, and they start nodding vigorously.

“Such a pity.” His voice is low and seductive, and he lifts a brow. “Till dinner then?” Can he be any more puffed up?

“Enjoy your lunch, Dr. Thorington.” He smiles to you and turns to Elwig.

“Lead the way, Hugo. After all, it is still your center.”

They leave and you sag on the nearest desk.

You realise that the lab is completely silent. You turn and see five pairs of widened shocked eyes.

“Was that John Thorington?” one of girls manages to squeeze out of herself.

“Yep. He is one of the heads of the project I work in.”

“John Thorington, as in the John Thorington?” Another girl is madly googling on her phone.


“Jesus fucking Christ, Wren, what was this?” One of the male students can’t contain his hysterical scream anymore.

“They hate each other’s guts since uni days. Thorington seduced Elwig’s girlfriend. Since then Elwig refuses to work with him, but since after yesterday the labs are starting to cooperate, they’ll probably try to steal each other’s scientists and drag each other through dirt.”

Your explanations didn’t make it easier for them to digest what just happened. At this moment Lan wanders in the lab with a cup of pot noodles in his hands. He’s humming, and to your pure shock you understand that it is this half arse “hit” by Avicii. He has a nice voice, but still, what the fuck?

“Hey sister, do you still believe in love, I wonder?” He freezes on the doorstep with noodles hanging from a plastic fork. “What did I miss?”

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  1. A pissing contest indeed. Still, that kiss was stellar.

    Finally starting to catch up on my reading KK. Such a backlog of reading and reviewing to be done. How awful for me!!

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