I’m excited and flattered to announce that the first fanart for my book Convince Me the Winter Is Over is here!

Amazing, talented Selma Pimentel has portrayed Renee, the protagonist of my novel, in a design inspired by the cover of the book.

On her blog, Selma explains that “the cover’s image [is] to complement her gloomy and lost feeling. The cup of warm tea  is some sort of dim but warm hope? that she holds in her hands, that are also Katya’s hands, holding our hearts whenever she writes these beautiful stories with these amazing characters.

I cannot delegate how awed and flattered I am by the honour of receiving this illustration! I just can’t stop staring at Renee’s face: This half present in reality, distant, melancholic expression shows her initial, ‘frozen’ world outlook so perfectly! There is an almost smile on her lips, but the eyes are sad… Please, click on the image to fully appreciate the details and the depth of the drawing!

I’m hoping for a fanart of Renee and John later… together… in warm embrace, with last snow of Winter swirling around them… The book is a story of healing, and I am craving to see my characters when their Winter is over.

Thank you, Selma! It was an honour and a pleasure to look into Renee’s eyes!