Heal All Wounds || Chapter 16. Wrennie Returns

Author’s note:


I’m not quite sure how many of you, my dear readers, are still sticking by this story and reading it, but I would like to know 😉 and I do have an important question to ask, so please, if you’re around, let me know!

After writing the previous chapter I was feeling inspired by this story and by exploring these two characters, and in the course of 36 hours I wrote six more chapters, and now I’m at a crossroads. In the chapters to come, I have brought the story down to a resolution: it brings characters peace, it’s somewhat sad, but leaves a small hope that they might one day find the way back to each other. I can leave it at that, and the story will end on this melancholic yet somewhat hopeful note.

Or I can write a few more chapters and finish the story of Wrennie and Dr Thorington the way I feel it should end.  A few extra chapters, or maybe a separate, shorter story can be added to conclude the series.

Please, let me know what you think (and maybe just give me a wave you’re still here). Just a small anonymous comment will suffice; long and personal comments will be greeted with a happy smile!

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Katya Kolmakov


Thea picks you up in the airport, in Jimmy’s car, and she’s driving you to the flat that you found online. The last two days of your Greek hols were spent with your phone under your hand. You got the flat, Thea volunteered to check it out, Lan moved your three trunks, two boxes, and two suitcases there. You hadn’t asked them, but Thea told you to shut your gob and accept their help. You did.

It’s quiet in the car, and you’re watching buildings fly by behind the window.

“Seriously, Leary! You’re depressing me!” Thea suddenly hollers, and you whip your head to look at her in shock. “You look like a fucking lolly of shag, all toned, and fresh, and golden, but your eyes are sodding dead!”

You have nothing to say, really. You feel dead. You’ve went through the five stages of grief, and then made a one eighty, and wash, rinse, and repeat – again and again. One thing has to be said here. You haven’t doubted your decision once.

“I’m sorry…” you mumble. “I’m still feeling cocked up, I reckon.”

“What the sodding fuck happened, Leary?! One minute the two of you are choosing orchids, or whatever other bloody rubbish they stick in their arses on those posh weddings; and the next minute you’re sending me an email from fucking Greece, no less! And then for two weeks it’s all everyone is talking about. Even the peeps in Arts are all about, ‘Have you heard about that famous neurosurgeon dumping his fiancee?’”

“It wasn’t him.” Your tone is even. “It was me. I dumped him.”

“You told me as much in that sodding email you wrote me. It read like a fucking office memo. I need answers, Leary.” She smacks the wheel angrily. “How worried should I be for you?!”

“You shouldn’t worry about me at all. I’ve made this decision, and I will get better soon. It’s just difficult, you know.”

“Difficult?!” The jazz lungs of Thea Martin can produce an astonishing level of a volume. This howl of hers isn’t an exception. “It’s John bleeding Thorington we are talking about! Since day one, it’s all been about him being the fucking King of Life, and all the mushy rubbish, like love, and cuddles, and you texting him with manky heart emojis, and…”

“I still want to.” Why is there no emotions in your voice? Inside it feels like you’re being shredded to bleeding ribbons. “Any time something interesting happens, or I see something, I want to text him. That’s my first thought. There were those pelicans there on the island, and the bottom of their beaks was bright red, like coloured with a marker, and I even pulled out my phone…”

You suddenly bent in half, from the excruciating pain in your stomach, and to muffle a scream that wants to escape you. You bite into the heel of your hand, squeezing your jaws, hoping this pain will distract you from the terrifying wave of suffocating panic rising. You had a few attacks in Greece, but it was easier to deal with them on a beach, under a parasol, with blue sea and endless sky to distract you. Here, in Thea’s tiny car, you feel like you’re dying.

She tucks the car into the first available spot, probably breaking half a dozen parking rules, and pulls you into tight embrace.

You’re crying, sobs tearing at you, and it feels that you will never stop.


Thea, Lan, and Killian bought you furniture: a bed, a table, and two chairs. Lan who meets you in the flat mumbles it isn’t much, but you give him a tight hug, and invite all three of them to dinner. Killian joins you a bit later, after his last class.

At dinner they listen about Greece, and then tell you how disgustingly happy the two idiots are together. Thea is giving them proud maternal looks. Everyone’s smiling. Among other things, you’re endlessly relieved they didn’t feel they couldn’t talk about it just because you’re now single.

You being single is a thought that you’re mulling over in your new bed that night. You know there will be more pain, and you will slip and almost as if forget about it, and then pain will come again. You tell yourself that your mind hasn’t yet accepted it, and that’s why you’re so calm most of the time.

You’re also doing quite well since this whole time you’ve been away from the familiar circumstances. Tomorrow you will come back to work, and everything there will remind you of him. And what you were together. Everything in the city is about the two of you. The cafes you sat in together, or wanted to go to; the book shops you both adore and spent hours in, talking and talking, pushing books into each other’s hands, interrupting, laughing, and kissing; streets and parks you walked for hours, without a word said, just being together. Just you and him. In love.


Going back to work is surprisingly easy. Maybe, you’ve been properly desensitized by your previous personal history. First, people talked behind your back and stared when you spent a weekend in a hotel, shagging the Sun of Modern Neurosurgery like there was no tomorrow; then you started dating the said Sun; then you agreed to marry him. It has always been everyone’s business. And now pity will be mixed into curiosity in people’s eyes. The official version is that he broke it off with you, after all.

Or maybe you just don’t give a fuck.

You work for the next two weeks as if your life depended on it. To think of it, it does. It’s all you have left. It is also something you love most of all in the world. And you deserve being here! You’ve worked hard for this job. You fought for every mark in uni; you spent endless hours in labs; you aced your presentation in Rivendell. The only thing you didn’t contribute to was the lab getting the overpriced space in the building where it is now – the building three blocks away from John’s flat. He did it for his convenience. But now, that doesn’t matter, does it? So many things don’t matter anymore.

The lab receives another grant. It is once again with Amrod pharmaceuticals, and two and a half weeks after your return from Greece, Maya marches into the lab, in her usual cloud of expensive perfume and perfect blonde locks.

“Wren, darling, I haven’t seen you for ages!” she purrs, and you shake hands. Was she hoping for a kiss on the cheek? Looks like it. You give her an empty smile. John had made sure she wasn’t appearing in the lab much, though she’s one of the leading specialists in this project. But you reckon, now you will see more of her.

The two of you exchange couple meaningless banalities – your personal drama isn’t mentioned, but of course, there is gloating light burning in her eyes – and then she finally fesses up regarding the reason of her unexpected visit. August Anderson is once again in the country, and he was hoping he could have lunch with ‘someone from the Dale lab’ to discuss couple points in the new contract.

Somehow you still feel nothing. Not from the sound of his name, nor from the memories of John’s face, twisted in a grimace at the mentioning of it, nor from how Maya just can’t wait for you to agree.

You exchange couple decorous emails with Auggie, set the date and time for the lunch, and go back to your centrifuges.


Seeing him feels like a dream. As if it’s just that day, as if nothing had happened. You had lunch then, and he flirted and laughed, and you answered and joked some more, and you felt alive and somewhat rebellious, because his attentions were bordering on inappropriate since you were engaged – but the line was never crossed. And then you said goodbye to him and wandered the city till two o’clock at night. And then you went back to John’s flat – and it was over.

You smile and shake his hand. He asks polite questions, you give polite answers. You discuss the contract, you eat Vietnamese. When the business conversation is over, he asks how you’ve been. He is of course asking about your break-up, and he doesn’t need to explain. You tell him you’re doing quite well.

“Wren, will you have dinner with me?” His eyes are warm, and the expression is soft. They are  of the colour of strong coffee. You exhale slowly, but before you can answer he adds, “Wren, I know you’re in no place to start anything new now. But I would really like to see you. Just a dinner, between two friends. How’s that?”

“We are hardly friends, Mr Anderson.” Some joke from The Matrix stirrs in your mind, but your tone is still flat.

“Just one dinner, Wren. Nothing fancy, you pick a spot. I just want to spend some time with you.” His face is earnest and open, and you ask the question one isn’t supposed to ask a man under any circumstances.

“And then? What do you expect to achieve? What’s your plan for the future?” That tinge of sarcasm that has just coloured your voice is the first emotion you’re displaying.

“I like you, Wren. And I know we can be good together. I know you’ve just been awfully hurt. But I know what I want.  And I always go for what I want right away. Life is short, and you’re hot.” This is a quote from Doctor Who. Your eyebrows jump up in surprise. He barks a warm smoky laugh. “I’m not into the show, but I saw your Tardis lunch box. I did my research.”

You smile. You gather that’s the first smile that reaches your eyes in the last five weeks.

“Alright, Mr Anderson. I’ll have dinner with you.”

31 thoughts on “Heal All Wounds || Chapter 16. Wrennie Returns

  1. Finish it! Finish it! Pretty please with sugar on top, would you finish it? I’ve loved this story since it was on FF, and it would really bother me if all the ends weren’t wrapped up.

    1. Aaaaaaaw, how can I say ‘no’ to a pretty please, and with sugar on top no less? 😀 It does seem that the story still has a few readers, so I’ve started working on the plan to how wrap it up. I’m still not sure whether it’ll be a separate story, or I’ll just continue adding chapters to “Heal All Wounds,” but I’m more and more sure that we will see a definitely resolution to this story! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. I feel like it would send the wrong message if Wren were to get back together with Thorington after all this. We all know that in real life, men like him are foul and dangerous with sociopathic tendencies and much as that psychosis is romanticized in fiction, the truth is that women are never safe with men who try to control them. The last few chapters have managed to completely separate John from Thorin, for me at least, and I can tell you that Thorin would never have done something so dishonourable and cruel without even regretting it. I feel that any lingering attachment on the part of both readers and author is because of that association but the characters within the universe don’t know John apart from the dick that he has been so why on earth should Wren trust him? You’re not going to follow the story until the literal moment of “till death do us part” and I would always be left uneasy wondering what happened to Wren after the story ended. As a previous reviewer mentioned, we really haven’t seen much to prove that these two really have an attachment that is outside the sexual. I understand what you said about sexual desire being an expression of their love for each other but love after all is more than just sex. I like the idea of an open-ended ending, with maybe a sequel of these two trying to patch things up and John actually proving himself, instead of a hastily patched up wannabe happy ending.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment! Firstly, I have to say, I hope I’m not perceived as one of those writers who would settle on a “hastily patched up wannabe happy ending” 🙂 If I decide to finish this story, I will put good work into it. So, worry not! 😀

      I have reached the point of an open, somewhat hopeful ending in my writing, just as I said, and just as I asked my readers, I wasn’t sure whether I should continue writing the story towards a more definite resolution. If I understand you right, you seem to vote for it too, as long as John indeed proves himself, and that is exactly what I have in mind.

      I have to argue with you on one point, though. Depending on what ‘verse’ we are talking about, I think Thorin has a potential of behaving exactly the way John does in this story. I’ve given a lot of thought to the different versions of his personality that I’ve created in my stories, and I feel that Thorin in his pure ISTJ (in Myers-Briggs personality typology) form has the potential to become that sort of person. He can be corrupted by power; he’s not aware and adept in handling emotions; he has trust issues. In Dr T’s case it takes the form we see in the story.

      I was also hoping to show that there is more to their story than just what we see in the text, since it’s Wren’s point of view, and thus it’s subjective. I was hoping readers would guess the things she doesn’t see (many of John’s personality’s facets; her own flaws; the potential of their relationship) or doesn’t want to admit even to herself. She’s young and confused, blinded by his ‘larger than life’ persona, almost intoxicated by the physicality of their relationship. But there’s true closeness there, in small things, in the time when it’s just the two of them. They just need to build on it, after they learn to trust each other and communicate. Hopefully, I will manage to write it properly.

  3. I want a happy end or a sequel. *sniffs sniffs*
    I really like John, no actually I love him. I demand a happy reunion 😉 lol

  4. Oh please finish it! I absolutely love your writing and it would be such a shame not to get a happy ending. Echoing Aim, pretty pretty please?

  5. Sorry, but I’m not in the hate Thorington camp. When he’s mid-behaving he’s at his least like-able, that’s true.

    You always write this couple so beautifully, warts and all. I can never get enough of them, and the way you write them. So, this is simply a vote for yes – more please, with whatever you have in store for them.

    Though I can’t help but say that I’m ALWAYS hoping for a happy ending for these two, and that Wren can drag him out of whatever toxicity is going on with him. Wren was always the smarter of the pair, and nothing but good for him, even if their various journeys and incarnations have been somewhat rocky – and when she does whip him into shape, we always get to see some shine from that polished stone.

    As I always say K, you got to go with your muse he/she always sees you right.

    1. Well, I’m not in the hate Thorington camp either 🙂 I wouldn’t be writing him, would I? (Or just drop piano on him to end our group suffering 😀 ) I love this John, maybe even more than other Johns, exactly because he’s so flawed, and thus, more realist. I love how complicated and multi-faceted he is. And dang it, the man is hot! 😀

      Fear not, my dearest reader, I have a GREAT plan for them! I want to see him grow and change, but still keeping the core of his personality, and becoming the King we know and love. I feel once this John learns to appreciate and cherish his Wren, he will become even a better partner, husband, and father than many others. He’s such a bad a**, isn’t he? 🙂 He is one of the smartest, most determined, most talented of them. He just needs to grow up and man up 🙂

      Thank you for reading and for sticking by!

  6. Please write them a happy ending!! Please!! These poor duckies deserve it.
    Both characters need to make some changes, but it could still work between the two of them… Please.
    However, as the all powerful author, the decision is entirely yours, and if you feel the story would be better ending on a sad, mournful, heartbreaking to your devoted audience note, then go for it.

      1. Ahahahaha *wink* I get your point. But no, no “sad, mournful, heartbreaking” notes for my wonderful audience! Only the best, high quality endings with a side of fluff and guffaws! 😀

  7. My vote goes to ” I can write a few more chapters and finish the story of Wrennie and Dr Thorington the way I feel it should end. ”
    I too usually (who am I kidding, its always 😉 ) wish for happy endings. But not for every character ever written. What I do wish for everyone is a chance. For redemption, for realisation, reconciliation, anything. A chance to break the circle and choose differently 🙂

    1. Thank you! Thank you for this thought! That is exactly how I feel about this story and this character. They deserve a chance! I feel that people (and authors especially) have to be right and responsible, but also have to be kind, and that is what John here needs. Kindness and a chance to prove himself.

  8. Hey! I’m still here reading and enjoying the series! I personally vote for the second option. Thanks for all the hours spent on these two crazy individuals

  9. Hi!
    I agree with a lot of what’s been said on different levels. This Thorin(gton) seems a lot darker than other versions of the character, but I think that even him can be redeemed (albeit probably not easily, given the amount of crappy moves he’s been able to pull here). I’d like to see this journey to redemption, since he seems to be farthest from it than in other scenarios and I’m intrigued about how that could come about while being fair to both Wren’s and his nature. I think that it’s a real challenge. Also, the first time I ever read a story of yours, I took at heart the warning that they would always find their way back to each other… it’s like my security blanket every time I see them struggle. 😀
    Having said all that, you’re an exceptional storyteller and know them better than anyone. I’m sure you’ll be fair to them whichever way you chose to lead them through.
    Once again, thanks a lot for sharing your gift with us! I spend my days checking for updates of all your Wren-Thorin stories or re-reading the ones I already know. I’m absolutely addicted.

    1. And I DO love a challenge 🙂 That is the beauty of writing. Telling a story staying true to characters. Hold on to your security blanket! We’ll get to the happy ending, however hard the journey could be! Thank you so much for being my reader, for all your kind words, and for your support!

  10. Please do finish the story off completely.

    Wren will be fine I’m sure. Even if she end up with A. But what about John??? I so much want a happy ending for him. Not sure if Wren is it though. They would both have to do some serious sorting out first. Please, whatever happens to Wren, give John a happy ending!

    1. I promise to take good care of John, for your sake! 🙂 And let’s face it, he is the reason we are all here anyway: me writing, you reading. I’ll do my best to stay fair in the process, as well. Thank you for reading!

  11. You are the author, the creator of all these “Wren/John” worlds and stories … which are truly wonderful! So whichever way your creativity and talent take you, I am very happy to be part of the ride and allowed to partake.

    Having said that, I’m totally Wren & John camp (not an Wren-Auggie/Amrod fan, though enjoy the character in his different incarnations). I think these two can overcome anything … Life’s not meant to be perfect, and that’s what makes it worth living. I remember reading some of your teaser snippets in fanfiction (cause I’ve been following forever) re the triplets, John’s reacting to pregnancy news, etc., and I loved those and hope to see them again in print.

    I say see where your gut and inspiration and talent take you … it will be fresh, well-written and a pleasure to read and follow!

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind, generous words you said about my writing!

      And thank you so much for your comment regarding life not being meant to be perfect! This is something to be remembered, and even in the not so realist writing as mine, it is still important. With all his flaws, John is capable of love. And if they grow back together and try again, he will most likely make mistakes again; but if he’s willing to change and learn, and Wren is willing to ‘work’ with him on their differences, they still can be happy.

      He is a very intelligent man, and with a certain degree of effort he can become aware and make changes. At least, we all hope so, don’t we? 🙂

  12. Oh, wow.
    I wanted to comment on Saturday but had to catch my train to Vienna, and now I’m back and the replies literally exploded all over the page!

    However, most of what I wanted to say has already been said (Rilawa and Anonymous). In the long run, a happy end would be nice, but Wren and Dr T both need time to recover and understand what’s happened. I’m all for the “it brings characters peace, it’s somewhat sad, but leaves a small hope that they might one day find the way back to each other.” version. It also suits the title “heal all wounds”. And of course I would like to read more, so if there’s another part coming I would be happy. But I think a break of like 1 or two years is necessary.

    So, that’s my opinion, and whatever you decide, I will gladly read it. I also liked this chapter. I prefer Amrod when he’s honest and not just smiles and compliments. 🙂

  13. I’m still here *waves* eagerly anticipating updates, as with all your stories. I think I may have an addiction to refreshing my page 🙂 I have a soft spot for Wrennie and Dr T, and desperately hope they can have their happy ending. I trust you to guide us (and them) expertly through their minefield, and can’t wait for all these lovely new chapters 🙂

  14. Lol I’m pretty sure it’s too late to vote but….finish with the ending they deserve!!!! 🙂 🙂 pretty please.
    I can’t imagine them not together…well at least I don’t like to!!! 🙂

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