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Mundane Magic

Sybella Brennan and Alistair Greyling were an item during their last year in the Magick school. The beginning of their relationship hadn’t been smooth. He was a school player; she was a new girl and a ginger. Through that last year at school they grew up, grew closer, faced energy vampires, a half-dragon, and then there was that incident with a mummy. Funny enough, these troubles weren’t what broke them up – attempting a long distance relationship did.

Six years later, just as they’ve always dreamt, she’s an officer in the Magick police; he has become a healer. Investigating a case in Manchester, she gets injured – and whom does she see when she opens her eyes in the infirmary?

Yaga’s Blood

Mira is a somewhat normal Canadian high school student. She’s the daughter of an immigrant single mother from Russia who never speaks of her life before she moved to Canada. When Mira’s mother disappears, leaving her instructions to seek help from a man from her past, Mira starts untangling her family’s secrets – and they turn out to be centuries old!

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