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Convince Me the Winter Is Over

Renee Miller is a reclusive web designer who, after several hours of delirium from flu, wakes up to find a stranger in boxer briefs standing in her bathroom.
John is an archaeologist who finds himself stuck in a stranger’s flat in a snowstorm.
Frozen in her neat and clean world of highly functional anxieties and her history of childhood trauma, Renee is perhaps the worst possible host for her flatmate’s boyfriend’s colleague. Yet, while the fervent gush of life that is John Greaves disrupts her carefully guarded existence, Renee finds herself gradually yearning for more.

Is John the first breath of Spring in her frigid world?

{Available in paperback and Amazon Kindle/Kindle Unlimited}

Hammer Up!

{Book I in Geek Mythology Series}

To win the right to choose her husband, Aphrodite has to endure ten days in the company of Hephaestus, the fallen god of smithery. Except, everything about Heph freaks her out: he wears dirty clothes; he limps; his sacred animal is an ass. Meanwhile, he thinks she’s a slag, and nothing but the means to an end. Want to learn the Greek myths the hot way? Surprisingly accurate mythology, Cockney-speaking gods, and frisky erotica are mixed in this story full of humour, geek references, and romance.

{Available in paperback and Amazon Kindle/Kindle Unlimited}


Jack in the Box

Gemma Wright is a professional muse. She can inspire a hit album; crack open the worst case of writer’s block; or get a sculpter back into their groove. Her work takes so much out of her that she has strict rules and a precise plan for her personal life. A plan that has no room for Jack Richards, a famous mystery writer and serial playboy who sets off every red flag in Gemma’s book. A plan that should perfectly encompass the modest and mild-mannered author John Barnett… if only Jack would stop popping up.

Understanding others and leading them to fulfillment is Gemma’s specialty, but will she be able to turn her super power on herself before it’s too late?

Due North

Etta leads a quiet life as a research librarian until a tall, dark, and slightly translucent navy officer enters her life. When the time traveling spirit puts Gemma on a wild chase for his family in the heart of Canada, she doesn’t know what to expect. Certainly, meeting a tall, dark, and disturbingly solid farmer who barely speaks and seems to think she’s only there to steal a fortune he doesn’t possess, had never occurred to her as a possibility. Nor had developing a wild crush on said farmer. Or accompanying him on a treasure hunt. Or having wild sex dreams about him or… Look, she blames the randy squirrels, OK? And who has even heard of Manitoba anyway? 

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