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Since I started writing, and later drawing my own illustrations, I’ve realized all I want to do is to tell stories that matter to me and would, hopefully, speak to others. I enjoy writing character driven stories, always with feminist and body- and sex- positive attitude, promoting tolerance, and full of colours and fun!

  • my Funky Feminist Fairy Tales, available for Instant Download in my Etsy shop. After purchase, readers receive a PDF into their Inbox, with my retelling of the classic story – with a twist, of course – and original illustrations.

  • two webserials I’m writing on my Wattpad page:

1. Jack in the Box
Armed with several degrees in psychology, sociology, and literary studies, as well as a particular set of skills and abilities, Gemma Wright works as a muse for artists in various creative fields. She can inspire a hit album; pull a popular novelist out of a writer’s block; or organize an international tour for a dance company.
Gemma has strict rules and a precise plan for her personal life – and Jack Richards, a famous mystery writer, definitely doesn’t fit her criteria. Perhaps, his direct competitor, John Barnett, with his soft manners and seemingly humble disposition, is a better match for Gemma than the dark and handsome Richards.
Understanding others and leading them to the fulfilling and rewarding life is Gemma’s specialty, but does she know the answers to the same questions when it comes to her own life?
{Updated on Thursdays}

2. Official
Town Business
Romance/humour/murder mystery
Imogen ‘Mops’ Fox is a personal assistant of the Mayor of the small rural town of Fleckney Woulds. According to all clichés, she’s madly in love with her unaware workaholic of a boss; but that won’t stop her from building her own little family; solving a murder; and saving the town from a financial scheme by a mysterious oversees corporation.
{Updated on Mondays}

I’ve started creating stories in 2013 by writing The Hobbit fanfiction. In my stories several original characters were born, which travelled with me into other stories, verses, and platforms. A few of silly and cheery fusion stories of mine could also be found on Archive of Our Own.

You can find news and updates for my writing on my Writing Facebook page page; and for my art on my Art Facebook page, or my Instagram.

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