Emilia Arudnel is a romance writer. She has zero romantic or sexual history, except for a few awkward semi-dates she’s gone to, with a man who turned out to be married, broke her heart, and solidified Emilia’s negative body image and her many insecurities.

When another romance writer puts Emilia in touch with a dominatrix, as apprehensive as she feels, Emilia dares to visit The Top, the elite club where people seek casual sex, where, to her own shock, she’s approached by Daniel Oates. As ‘safe, sane, and consensual’ as his offer is, what can he – a domineering, successful, and mind-bogglingly attractive restaurant owner – possibly want from Emilia?

Chapter 1. Olivia Dane Advises

Chapter 2. First Step

Chapter 3. Sugar and Spice

Chapter 4. It’s Magic!

Chapter 5. Bon Appetit

Chapter 6. Forks and Shocks

Chapter 7. Up or Down?

Chapter 8. Sweet and Flavourful

Chapter 9. One Step Forward

Chapter 10. No Words and Then Just a Few

Chapter 11. Get Behind This

Chapter 12. Ra/upture

Chapter 13. But… What?

Chapter 14. Lots of Maybe’s

Chapter 15. Second Invitation

Chapter 16. Dinner Time

Chapter 17. Physics and Multiples

Chapter 18. One More Time

Chapter 19. Daebak!

Chapter 20. COMING SOON!