The Question of a New, World Building, Multi-Media Project

Have you read Ani on JukePop? Have you lamented its hiatus? Fear not, it won’t last! Rodhina is coming to town!

Since I have put a lot of thought into the world that my protagonist, healer Ani is travelling through, I decided it shouldn’t go to waste 🙂

In a few weeks I’m launching a test page on this blog with everything Rodhina (the land where male protagonists of my story come from). Remember, Einar and Gosta, two hot ginger pseudo-Vikings/ pseudo-Slavs? 😉

pattern (1)

A lot of research (and liberties) went into the creation of their language, mythology, and art, so I decided it all would be a lovely entertainment for my readers.

On the Rodhina page on this blog, we will have:

  • original chapters (will be moved from JukePop promptly);
  • new chapters (tentatively every two weeks);
  • art by yours truly (see an almost authentic Old Slavic pattern above)
  • art by local artists eager to get involved into this project;
  • maps;
  • recipes (yes, you read it right! recipes, of pseudo-Viking, but mostly Slavic food; tested on humans 😀 );
  • herbal medicine knowledge that yours truly and several others might want to share with you;
  • and lots, and lots of other niceties.

Here are the links to the original story on JukePop and the story’s Pinterest board with visual inspirations!

Please, sign up below for free newsletter for the project! Emails will be sent to you when the page is created, the story is removed from JukePop, and new content is uploaded!

Thank you!

One thought on “The Question of a New, World Building, Multi-Media Project

  1. This sounds very exciting to me! A multimedia-project about a new world, created by you! 🙂 Rodhina. Aaah, sounds like a land I would like to explore. Fierce and handsome redhead warriors, harsh climate and language, that’s what comes to mind. Furs, felted mittens, fire places and honey mead. A warfaring nation by the sea, unyielding and strong, and also very emotional, when it comes to protecting family and kin. That’s my imagination. Feel free to surprise me, I am so looking forward to it!

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