The Question of My Writing (current projects + plans)

So… There seems to be a lot going on with my writing, and for a while I felt rather swamped, but the trip to the book fair properly helped to sort out my thoughts and plans. Here is the summary of what’s going on with my writing and what the plans are:

1. Fanfiction:

I’m finishing up Me Without You. There are just a few plot lines that need closure (Fili and Kili, Wren’s magic, wedding, etc.)

I’m planning to sink my teeth into Thorin in Hogwarts adventures (Thorin Durinson and the Conundrum of the Ginger Transfer Student). I’ve received the most amazing review for it, and it inspired me! So many ideas now!

After Me Without You is over, I’m planning to go back to Letters to Your Heart, Axes to Your Scabbard as my central FF story.

Since I always need a side story, once Hogwarts one is over, I’m torn between going back to Ice, Ice, Baby! and some others that were rather promising. Choices, choices… 🙂

2. I’m industriously working on the pieces based on prompts from those readers that pre-ordered my book, Convince Me the Winter Is Over.

3. JukePop:

Ani, my first independent fantasy novel, is going great! On the trip to Toronto Word On the Street Book Fair, I was fortunate enough to monopolise the time of my wonderful friend, Virginia McClain, a fantasy writer herself, and we had the most fruitful discussions. I have so many ideas now, all I need is time to write.

Blind Carnival (a story previously written as a joke on my FanFiction page with my usual original character Wren (Olivia on JukePop) and John (modern Thorin Oakenshield) or more precisely a funny mellow  version of him) became unexpectedly popular! It is endless fun to write, and I am starting to wonder whether I’m a romance/humour writer and not a fantasy writer as I always sort of tentatively assumed 🙂 I’m joking of course! Who needs these tags? 🙂

4. On this blog:

Inspired by the “success” (I’m trying to be modest here :D) of the book and Blind Carnival I moved my modern romance/erotica stories here.

I’m slowly re-editing and posting Dr. T Series on this site. On FF they were titled Touch the Nerve, Strike the Cord, Cut Through the Heart, Heal All Wounds. Once they all are edited and moved, I’m planning to continue the last one since I left the characters in quite a pickle.

I was also planning to start a new romance webserial May to December. It is in the state of flux currently, but I’m very excited about it.

5. Out of the conversations with Virginia, another idea was born, and it’s mad and wonderful, and I’m so giddy that I tend to do a small bum wiggle every time I think about it 😀

Some time ago I started a steampunk AU of The Hobbit, and hardly any other story brought me as much joy when writing it!

In writing, one of the things I most enjoy is research, and this one gave me lots of reasons for it. I had to look into Victorian weaponry and fashion, external combustion engines and such. On the other hand, steampunk isn’t historical prose! It’s so much fun!

The first chapters of the fanfiction story can be found here: The King of Steam and the Ginger Lightning.

So, Virginia told me that one can publish that kind of story! There is a very fine line between parody and fanfiction, but since my goal is to celebrate the work of Tolkien and (though somewhat begrudgingly) Peter Jackson, and not plagiarise them, it can be done!

A lot would have to be changed but I’m considering it.

6. In my spare time (which is literally just my bus rides to work, since I have no other) I’m writing a novella, which at this stage looks like fantasy YA (young adult prose). The protagonist is the daughter of Ani, from the JukePop story, and… one of the two ginger pseudo-Viking protagonists. Spoilers, sweetie! (And yes, it was a reference to River Song, our Goddess :D)

So, this is what’s going on 🙂

Feel free to follow me on Twitter/Instagram, or even better so be my friend on Facebook, to keep up with news 🙂

Here is the photo of my work place 🙂



  1. Dear, you have a frankly ridiculous amount of WIP, I really don’t know how you do it. I am excited about all of them, it’s hard to pick what I want to read the most. I LOVE everything you have on the go, but I’m excited to read May to December, and have enjoyed the revamp of the Dr. T series sooooo much. I can’t wait to read that one – which is crazy in a way, because I know what’s coming. I just love that version of them so much though.

    1. I don’t know how I do it 🙂 A bite from a radioactive spider? 🙂 I think I just really, really love writing. It’s all I want to do, and nothing brings me more joy.

      “May to December” is taking shape in my head currently, it’s coming. Check out the Pinterest board for it so far, I found an excellent 24 year old John

      Dr. T… Oh, Dr. T… I have feeeeeeeels towards him and the series overall. My first mad modern AU *sigh* I just need a nice full day off (never going to happen D:) to move all of the chapters here, to the blog. But on the bright side, we might be getting Dr. T fanart!!! The wonderful illustrator who did the fanart for “Convince Me” is quite a fan of Dr. Dark and Grumpy herself, so she’ll be looking into it 🙂

      So, toodle pips for now 🙂

      1. Aaaaaaallll very very exciting. But do make time for yourself won’t you. Me time may be writing of course, but do take care. Goes without saying I will devour whatever is published and love it to death. ;o)

  2. I am so excited to read of your writing plans to follow. Will I read them all? That*s not the point, I am happy for you to have found your own agenda to make yourself happy :). I really enjoyed your steampunk version (without even really knowing what it is all about, but I’d say go for it.) I would love to read more, especially, if you have so much pleasure in writing them. I, personally , am not interested in Hogwarts/Thorin, but that’s just me :). I am still glued to the “Ani” story which I find to be so very promising. But whatever you choose to write…
    Thank you, A.

    1. You will read them all! I’m always announcing updates on my Facebook, Twitter and if possible on, so keep an eye on them 🙂

      Steampunk is currently my priority, and it’s additional fun since I’m trying something new. I’m writing it “into the drawer” so to say, without posting chapters, and it’s actually quite enjoyable. I’m not yet sure how I’m going to go around publishing it, I’m looking into different platforms available. I’ll keep you posted!

      I personally really like Hogwarts story, it requires very little effort and since the characters are 17, they can be overboard emotional and angsty, which is a perfect vent for my frustration 🙂

      I’m very excited about “Ani” myself. It is so far the hardest for me to write, it’s time consuming and takes a lot of effort, but that’s why I love it. It’s challenging in the ways FF never was. And I’m fond of Ani as a character, she is a tough cookie 🙂

      All of the stories that I’ve described are on my agenda, it all is now just a question of time management.

      Hope you enjoy them!


  3. I absolutely adore all of your works, and check them for updates daily. I think I may be just a little bit addicted to your writing. Cannot wait for new stuff to read 🙂

    1. Thank you, Laura! Thank you for being my reader and for leaving this gracious comment! It is endlessly rewarding to receive such feedback! I hope the addiction only brings you joy 🙂

  4. I’m so happy I stumble across you in fan fiction! I just order convince me winter is over and cannot wait to read it. I have to say the Thorin and Wren story’s are my favorite and hope you keep writing about them!!

    1. Dear Clarissa!

      Thank you so much for leaving this wonderful comment! I always feel so happy when people move from my fanfiction to reading my other stories! You are very kind! I will be posting more of Thorin/Wren on and some modern stories about them on this block! Please, come back to read 🙂

      Thank you,

      P.S. If you enjoy the book, please leave a review for it on my Amazon and Goodreads pages. That will be much appreciated!

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