The Winds of Change for K. Kolmakov

So, here we are. Yours truly, widely known in immensely narrow circles as kkolmakov, and you, my beloved readers.

I have to say, I have rewritten this post about a dozen times by now… And yet I find it difficult to put what I need to say into the right words.

I feel as if I reached some sort of a tipping point in my writing (and drawing as well, but it’s a bit of a different matter). I started three years ago, with a small drabble on So much has happened since then! I know at least one of you has been with me on this journey from day one; and just for that I’ll be forever grateful for that day on the plane when I typed my first 300 words. (My dearest J., I’m of course talking about you!)

I learnt; I grew; I found friends, and lost friends. I saw the world more clearly, and I love it more, and am scared of it more. I know myself better now (and I can’t say it made my life easier.)

But enough rambling.

A few days ago I arrived to the realisation that it’s time for change. Very few of you know my personal circumstances, but in simple terms, I have been fortunate enough to be able to take some time off work since May 2016 and dedicate myself to writing and drawing. This luxury will end in May 2017, and by then I need to either find a job; or become a published author, actually paid royalties, and/or an artist with constant income.

In no way I find I’ve wasted these past months. I wrote fanfiction as much as I wanted; I wrote the YA fantasy novel (which I’m currently looking into publishing); I put “Hammer Up!” to Amazon Kindle Scout. I wrote on JukePop (a bit more about it later); and Wattpad. I’ve almost finished Dr T Series here, on the blog (a project that has spanned over all my writing years). I drew; I sold my art on the Central Canada Comic-Con; and Etsy; I opened a Society6 shop. I experimented with pastels, ink, and polymer clay.

But it’s time to accept that:

1. The Hobbit fandom has shrunk. I hardly get any reviews for my recent stories. Except for you, my few loyal readers, who are generous and forgiving enough to give a chance to all my random endeavours! And even wander from platform to platform with me! (Words can’t express how much I appreciate and love you – each and every one of you!)

I doubt I will ever write for any other fandom as much and as wholeheartedly as i did for this one. I’m a monogamous creature. I will never have any other King.

2. Fanfiction, Wattpad, JukePop, DeviantArt, and Instagram don’t pay bills, as rewarding and fulfilling as they are emotionally and mentally.

3. I don’t want a boring office/kitchen job. I know I’ll be restless and miserable if I am not allowed to spend 8 hours a day with my keyboard and/or brushes.

Which altogether adds up to the dire need to restructure my creative life.

So, here are my plans for the nearest months. A lot of the following requires your advice/suggestions/votes. Please, let me know in the comments!

{A} Regarding fanfiction:

I’m planing to slowly cut down the number of stories I write. Most of those that still get some readership (such as “Letters to Your Heart,” “Old Wounds;” and all those smaller ones such as “Here Be Dragons”) will be completed, but much depends on the readers. I’m expecting to leave “Four Corners of Middle Earth” as my last Hobbit/LotR fanfic going post-May.

If there’s some specific story that you’re dying to see finished, or kept ‘alive,’ let me know.

{B} I’m planning to finish Dr T Series. At the moment, I anticipate about 5 chapters left in the last part, tying loose ends, and sending Wrennie and Dr. Sexy into their well-deserved happily ever after, with the triplets and Unna, sparkles and unicorns, etc., etc.

I still want to continue writing a modern romance/erotica webserial with weekly updates; and I think “Jack in the Box” on Wattpad will be the one.

I have couple of other ideas that I’ve been considering, such as that “May to December” one I’ve mentioned before with the professor-student scenario, with a reversed age difference, where Wren is 42 and divorced, and John is her student. Couple other ideas are also rattling in my barmy noggin. The question is: where would you prefer reading it (if you’re still interested in reading my musings, of course) – here on the blog? On Wattpad?

{C} The previous question brings me to the matter of JukePop and Inkitt. I’m leaving “Blind Carnival” sitting on JukePop for now. Several of you were immensely kind to say that you’d buy another of my books (you can’t imagine how flattered I feel when I read such wonderfully kind comments!), but for now “Blind Carnival” will have to wait.

Meanwhile, “Better Than One” (the one with the Canadian farmer lacking any ability to communicate verbally – remember this one?) is currently being moved to Inkitt (click on the word for the link). I’m still trying to figure it out, but so far I know that they’re running a romance book contest there. As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know. I think if the book gets posted, there’s a limited number of free copies, and after that people are supposed to pay. I’ll keep you posted so that you can grab yours.

{D} I’m currently in correspondence with Winnipeg Police forces gathering info for that whodunnit for Etsy with my illustrations. As soon as I have my research done, I’ll start on the chapters. Again, I’ll keep you posted.

{E} I’m planning to continue drawing. My creepy ink drawings will go to Society6; they seem to fit well on tees, mugs, and phone cases. My colourful watercolours and clay figurines will be available on Etsy.

{F} I’m currently working on a picture book titled “Miraculous Mira” – of course, with a few familiar faces among its characters (you can find out more about it on my Instagram.) Hopefully, I’ll manage to publish it.

So, these are my plans.

I sincerely think that writing doesn’t happen just to the writer. It’s our shared experience, and I am grateful for each one of you, for your being in my life, and those interaction we had. And so, I truly want to continue being your writer. If you still want Wren/Olivia/Etta/Gemma and John/Darius/Thorin in your life, and Mira as well, and just a bit of kkolmakov, let me know. We’ll move together to Wattpad; or Etsy; I’d love to see you among my followers on Facebook, or Instagram. And then one day, when I’m in your town/county/province/country signing my bestseller (pfft, as if!) you’ll stop by and say, ‘Hey, I used to be so-and-so, your follower on fanfiction;’ and that’s when you’ll see kkolmakov frantically shaking your hand and tearing up.

Cheers, my lovelies.



  1. It was foreseeable that the Hobbit Fandom become calmer. I`m sorry to read that you are struggling but I know it from my personal life its more or less normal. We change with the years, we get other views, different goals etc. Its difficult to manage all these challenges.
    About the stories: I, for my part, read only on ff-net or AO3. I closed my accounts on various sites. Wattpad is so poorly done, I got frustrated.
    I`m still reading only RA fics and that will not change. I was never before in a fandom and I do not think I’ll ever be. It was and is a unique experience for me as well, I met interesting people, some became my friends and I`ll never change that.
    What I realize about writers is following (mind you I`m a writer too). Many not all of course are a little obstinate. I helped a few people with their stories and as long as I was good to make the resources I was of a use. Some writers like only to hear how great they write. If you have a critical word than all hell breaks lose. I become very disappointed and therefor I went still. I`m currently helping as a beta a friend of mine.
    Sorry for my long paragraph I just wanted to tell you, I`m still reading your stories but I rarely leave comments.
    You are one of the nicest writers I met. Always nice and courteous.
    Just my two cents: Maybe you started too many stories at a time and now you are feeling overloaded?

    I hope you`ll find your way! If you need to chat or anything else, you know where to find me!
    Hugs <3

  2. I’m not a person of many words (I’m sure you must have guessed) but this post has moved me to tell you some of my thoughts, I’ll try and make them coherent 😛 Of course you must follow your heart and do what gives your life meaning (whilst still paying bills – bleurgh); for my part I will follow every and any work of yours that I am able to.
    Since finding ‘Me Without You’ and being introduced to our beloved Wrennie/Thorin, I have been hooked. There have been many bad days which have been saved by an updated chapter, or times I have found myself wondering ‘how would Wren behave in this situation’ and using her as some sort of moral compass. Your writing, whilst been light enough to brighten a day, resonates at a deeper level for me. I don’t do false flattery, but I can sincerely say you are my favourite contemporary author, and in my top 5 all time favs along with Charlotte Bronte, Tolkien, Dickens and George Eliot. I hope one day you do have bestsellers; the heart and soul you put into your writing deserves it, and I will be delighted to say I had actually met one of my favourite authors of all time.
    I apologise for not reviewing as often as I should, I know feedback is critical; I often can’t find the words to express what the individual chapters make me feel, but know that they do make me feel. A lot. I should congratulate you also on finding drawing (my level is still stick men lol), you are a very talented individual 🙂 I hope to stay connected to your work for a long time to come, and will always support you as much as I am able to, in any format. <3

  3. Dear Katya!
    Greedy old little me knew, but didn’t want to acknowledge, that it was just too good to be true that we could keep you all to ourselves all this time. So my first comment to you today is: thanks! Thank you for keeping us hooked to our screens with so many updates, so many great stories with our usual suspects in so many forms and variations. I’ve told you before, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it: I’m absolutely amazed at how you’ve been able to keep such a high output without lowering the quality of your writing. You’re a superhero! So, do not lose heart. You’re a solid, witty and empathetic storyteller with such a personal, distinctive voice. And you’re definitely not sitting on your hands waiting for things to come to you, you’re out there giving it your best. I’m sure there are only good things to come, sweets!

    So… following your lead, I say:

    {A} Thanks for not making us quit cold turkey. 😀
    If I had to choose, I would love to see “Old Wounds” and “Letters to your Heart” finished, which are the ones I’ve focused on lately.

    {B} Yay!! Dr. T and Wren really need their happy ending. They’ve seriously earned it. I remember fondly that scene, from the Fanfiction version, of John running through the hospital in disarray trying not to be late for an appointment. 😀
    Yaay-yay!! to the idea of continuing “Jack in the Box”. I’m slowly getting used to seeing Gemma and John together… buuuut cannot wait to see how Jack is going to play his cards (sorry, my ‘philia’ cannot be helped here, hehe).
    Within this category, I would love to see “Read between Lines” finished some day (no pressure, just saying!). I think this is my favourite crossover: BBC’s Sherlock is such an interesting addition to the mix.

    As for “May to December”, I have to admit that I’m not initially too attracted to the reversed roles storyline. I’m more inclined towards the likes of “Thea Martin’s 5 steps…”. However, you’ve surprised me before and I’m sure that if it comes from you I can give anything new a fair try. Platform? Mmmm, I find AO3 very user-friendly and adaptable; Wattpad’s app works alright… but thanks to you I have accounts in half of the Internet, so whatever makes your life easier, I guess. 😛

    {C} Such a weird coincidence… I re-read “Blind Carnival” this very weekend and, yes, I would love to see it edited as a book. All in good time. 😉
    Aaand, yes… I’ve checked out Inkitt and now have an account in 51% of the Internet, hehe. All the best for the contest! It’s such an original story, it should get its recognition!

    {D,E,F} Great news! More things to look forward to.

    {G} Two little questions (again, no pressure at all): are you planning to continue the Patreon story? And what about “The Mystery of the Hunting Cottage” in AO3?

    PS: Aren’t you happy that I don’t comment like this more often? 😀

  4. Thank you! Спасибо (Spasibo)! Gracias! Merci! Grazie! ありがとうござい ました (Arigatōgozaimashita)! धन्यवाद (dhanyavaad)!

    Laura’s comments above are so clearly representative my thoughts that I know I will sound repetitive.

    We all change and grow, and, unfortunately, “real life” gets in the way at times. I don’t know you well, but from following you I know you are brilliant (in all meanings of the word) … I have been following you for three years, read Dr. T on fanfiction, and have always loved your “We Are Scattered Throug Time and Space.” I can’t tell you what first struck me, but I was hooked right away on your works … and I don’t easliy hook (ask my book club :D).

    I will continue to follow all works whereever they are because I truly enjoy them … They make me laugh, bring me angst, they make my day … I will buy your works (I have) … You work is so fresh, crisp, quirky, different, intelligent … your characters pop as do your details … I love your “intelligent randomness” … I can’t tell you how often I re-read your works.

    I am not one to leave reviews … but I have and do for you, only you really because you/your writing struck a chord in me. I have joined AO3, Wattpad, Jukepox to read your works. You are one of my favorite authors in the company of Mario Vargas LLosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Banana Yashimoto, Emile Zola, Jane Austen, John Irving, Anita Nair, Oscar Hijuelos, TH White, to name a few … It’s a brutal industry, but I believe that you will one day come to my town a book tour … You are just too original, witty … your drawings are quite lovely as well especially the “story-related” ones.

    It’s so very clear that you LOVE writing and drawing! I plan on following your works no question. It would be great if you were to finish Dr. T, Fresh Wounds and Letters to Your Heat, Four Corners, and all your smaller ones on fanfiction and AO3. However, you are the artist and you do with your art as you please and as the inspiration take you. Glad your keeping Blind Carnival on AO3 (this way can re-read).

    Now I am guilty of truly rambling …

    I do truly hope that you keep this blog because this is where I get all your info … not a consistent facebook, twitter, instagram individual.

    I truly and selfishly hope that you stay with us and stay with your craft. 😀

  5. Your stories are brilliant. Even if you don’t write as much as before I hope you will continue to write fanfics once in awhile or occasionally! Will you please finish The Mystery of them Hunting Cottage? I’ve been waiting for them mystery to be solved for so long…

    1. Ahaha I was just in the middle of it! I need to remove JukePop and put in Society6. Sadly, my tech savvy partner is at work, and I’m mildly terrified to break the whole thing 😀

  6. You may want to move “Blind Carnival” to your website so it’s not lost to new readers (and easier to re-read). Such a great story!

    1. Oh thank you for reminding me! I do need to figure out what to do with it! I’m leaving it on JukePop for now, but I do like it too. So, I’ll see how Kindle Scout will go for “Hammer Up!” and how “Due North” will do on Inkitt, and then make a plan for “Blind Carnival.” I might just edit it, and release it on Amazon as a Kindle.

      1. The “We Are Scattered Through Time and Space” would also work well here in your “Short Stories” or maybe as compilation of short stories … Something to think about 😀 Thank you!!!!

  7. Please don’t ever feel like you have wasted your time, when the result has been your beautiful artwork and wonderful stories. I feel so lucky to have been on this amazing journey with you from the beginning. I only wish I had your gift of words to really tell you what a positive, illuminating, inspirational, educational, entertaining and worthwhile journey it has been. But that feels too much like an ending, and I don’t believe that. Your creativity will continue to bubble out of your soul. You just can’t help yourself! And of course I want more Wren/Olivia/Etta/Gemma and John/Darius/Thorin in my life. I want whatever your brilliant, creative brain wants to share with us. I’m only worried that I might miss something. It was so easy to keep up with you since FanFiction (and AO3) provide such easy-to-follow email updates. And I guess I’m going to have to make an attempt to figure out Wattpad, and remember to check out your blog more regularly. Because I don’t want to miss a thing! Your stories have brought so much joy in my life, that I can never fully express. Thank you for all that you’ve already written, and all the stories and drawings and clay art and webserials yet to come.

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