Touch the Nerve || Chapter 15. Wrennie Does It

Chapter 15Wrennie Does It

After that, it is all hot and steamy. He picks you up and throws you on the bed. You pull your sweater off, and he sheds his shirt. He presses you into the sheets, and it’s magnificent! Hot, hard muscles, not a hint of fat, he is covered in rough auburn hair, and it rubs you just the right way! The dark copper beard are sliding down to your stomach, scorching lips, and skillful tongue. He pulls your denim off and unbuttons his jeans, now kneeling between your spread legs on the bed.

“God, you are gorgeous…” he murmurs. You lift a brow. “Such a beautiful ickle thing…” He strokes your stomach and cups your breast. You arch into his hand.

“Blue is definitely your colour, love.” He’s kissing your ribs, and you tread your fingers into his mane. You feel his tongue dive under the waist of your thongs, and then he grabs them with his teeth and pulls them off.


He smirks and twirls them on his finger.

“Fair enough, and yet you are here.” You lift your arms to him, and he smiles. The jeans fly off, and he stretches on the bed.

He covers your body with sucks and nips, and you are moaning. He gently bites your hipbone and you cry out. Then his lips are between your legs, and you cry out again.

“You are quite a screamer, aren’t you, sweetheart?” Oh bloody fuck, that is hot! He definitely knows what he’s doing. And then he adds a finger, and you come with a coarse scream. Wow, that was quick!

He’s still wearing his pants. He’s also apparently sitting on the floor between your legs dangling from the bed. He picks up one foot and kisses the arch.

“I stay corrected, these are the sexiest little feet I have ever seen!” He starts moving up, placing little hot kisses on his way. When he is above your fanny again, you grab handfuls of his hair and pull.

“Don’t even go there again!” you hiss, and he smirks and blows gently on your sensitive folds. You jerk.

“Condom?” you ask, and he lies near you and slides his hand under the bed. That’s where the supply is apparently.

“Ugh…” you can’t hold back a bit of disgust.



He rolls over you and looks into your eyes. “Past is the past, right?” His eyes are almost begging.

You nod decisively and open your palm. He puts a square package on it, and you roll you two over again.

His hands are on your breasts, and he is gently rubbing the nipples with his thumbs.

“They are glorious…” You smile and lower your lips on his neck, then chest, nuzzling the hair, the stomach, and then you press your cheek onto his cock. He hisses. You hook your fingers over the waist of the pants and pull them off.

My oh my, your previous estimations were too modest. There’s an exception for any rule, and that’s one of them. In his case height really doesn’t matter. He lifts his torso and cup your chin with his large palm.

“Wren…” You smile in his wide blue eyes. “Can we skip the verbal part, love? I’m going to explode here.” You roll out a condom on him and pull him on top of yourself.

He pushes into you, and you cry out again. He stretches you painfully, and you have to press your palms in his chest to halt him. You are breathing heavily, and he looks into your eyes.

“Give me a moment…” He’s kissing your neck, and your walls clench.

“God, Wren, you’re too tight…”

His mouth is on yours, and the kisses are slow and gentle. You breathe easier, and he is moving. Long deep strokes, and you are lifting your hips towards him, meeting him, your hands splayed on his shoulders, his face pressed in your neck. You come again.

He continues to move, lets you ride your release, then he thrusts faster, deeper, and you are arching your back. Each push evicts a sharp cry out of you. Your body’s burning, your blood singing. He lifts his torso on one arm and the new angle makes you thrash. He’s thrusting into you, murmuring your name, his hand grasping your hip. His movements are soon jerky, and he comes, falling on you, moaning.

You both spend a few seconds, panting and shaking, and you start giggling.

“What?” His voice is muffled, him mouth probably full of your curls.

“I don’t know…” You giggle more. He lifts his head and then suddenly groans.

“You are choking me, sweetheart. Have mercy!” That makes you laugh ever more, and he pulls out with a moan.

He falls on his back, and you lie down near him. You are surprisingly comfortable with him. That’s usually the moment when you really don’t know what to do with yourself. You press your lips into his shoulder, and he turns and returns you kiss. Then he sits up.

“I’m gonna go clean up, and you enjoy…” He vaguely waves his hand.

“Postcoital bliss?” you offer. You are grinning like a moron.

“Yes, that…” He treads to the bathroom, and you are enjoying the view. My oh my, those buttocks will visit you in many many dreams from now on!

There is the noise of running water, and he yells, “Do you want a bath, love?”

Oh, it actually sounds really good. He comes back, apparently completely comfortable with being in the buff. Good for him! And good for you, definitely. Yum.

“I would offer you the tackiest of cliches of champagne in the bath but since you don’t drink…” he stretches on the bed on his stomach, and kisses you. “We’ll have ice cream.”


The bathtub is huge, the water is just the right temperature, and you are sharing a bowl of ice cream. The silence is comfortable, he feeds you, you are drawing patterns on his leg under water.

“That is surprisingly easy…” he draws thoughtfully. You hum neither agreeing, not objecting. He continues to ponder, “Maybe there’s something in the whole monogamy thing.”

You turn and lying on his chest you look into his eyes.

“Don’t you think you are judging too early? One shag is definitely not a very good sample, Phil.” He presses the bowl to your nape, and you yelp.

“Don’t ruin my afterglow, Wren.” He’s laughing. “But seriously, I can do that forever.”

You take the spoon away from him and scoop some for him. You move it to his lips, and he closes his lips over it. Hot, hot, hot! Common, Wren, you just shagged, where is this randiness coming from? You sit up near him and feed his another spoonful.

“Have you ever had serious relationships, love?”

“Not really, had a boyfriend in high school. But it was just… childish.”

“So it’s the first for both of us. That won’t end well…” He’s still clearly joking. That white toothed grin just does something to you! Something very indecent…

You pounce on him, and he catches you, the bowl sinking in the hot water. You are straddling him again, and he’s kissing your temple.

“I am done with the bath…” you announce. He hums agreeing and gets up with you in his arms. That is fucking impressive.

“Show off!”

“And you like it.”

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  1. Ok. I love them together, I think they’re meant for each other…in another life maybe. John and Wren (as much as i would like to hit john in his…special and huge…) hahahaha love this story!! 😀

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