Touch the Nerve || Chapter 3. Wrennie’s Feeling Good


You consider leaping ahead and just kissing him, but the game seems to be going by different rules. Your left arm is wrapped around your middle, since you were subconsciously shielding yourself as he was so obviously apprehensive. Your right hand is near his palm, splayed on the floor of the tent.

You slowly reach for his wrist and slide your fingers up the inner side of his forearm. You let your nails scrape the skin slightly, and you think you hear his breathing hitch.

He lowers his face to your neck, and for a slip of a second you feel his hot lips on the side of your neck, behind your ear. Then you feel him smile into your skin, goosebumps quickly covering your whole body. You tilt your head allowing him more access. He brushes his nose along your throat. And then suddenly he moves you off his lap. You tense, but then realize that he is unzipping his sleeping bag.

It is open; and he’s lying back, one arm open, another one supporting the flap of the sleeping bag. The invitation’s quite clear. You bite your lip and then slip into his embrace. He closes the bag and smirks.

“You will have to zip it up if you want to stay warm at night.” There’s a bloody dozen of different innuendoes hidden in his one sentence!

You push one arm out of it and clumsily pull the zipper as far up as you can.

You two are pretty snug in the bag. Do they come in different sizes? This one seems to allow you both to be pretty comfortable inside, although you’re mostly lying on him, pressed into his right side. You gingerly place your right hand on his chest and feel the soft fabric of his henley. He pulls you closer, and you place your temple below his clavicle.

The erotic tension of a few seconds ago is gone, and you relax into the heat and fresh grassy smell of his skin. His breathing is even, heartbeat steady. You close your eyes and soak in the moment.

He is an amazing presence, strength and confidence radiating from him. You feel safe and sheltered. You don’t want to think of the world outside the warm bubble you are in, you don’t want to worry about tomorrow’s morning coming and bringing the harsh light over your sleeping arrangements. You breathe him in and understand why they call physical intimacy ‘to know someone in a Biblical sense.’ The physical closeness allows you to know a person better than a hundred conversations.

His fingers tread through your hair, and you feel him pull out the pins holding your messy bun together. The dexterity of a surgeon is a magical thing, innit? It allows a bloke to pull out twenty eight pins while a girl’s head is weighing on his shoulder to the ground. His other hand covers yours on his chest, and the thumb is rubbing your knuckles.

The strokes of his fingers are increasingly sensual. If he can cause this much hunger inside you by lightly touching your hand, what can he achieve with two hands? On some other of your parts? His mouth? His whole body? You take a shuddering breath and slide your hand from under his. And then you place it on the waist of his shirt and decisively slide it underneath. He sucks in air, and you feel triumphant. You are not a flustered girl he can play with. You splay the hand on his abdomen.

He pulls his torso from under you and rolls over you. Finally! He’s deliciously heavy and hot, and he lowers his lips on yours. You have never been kissed like that. He is possessive, passionate, demanding. The cliche of ‘claiming your mouth’ flashes through your mind. He slips his palms under your shoulder blades, and you arch into him. You wrap one leg around his waist and rub your pelvis into him.

He groans and moves to your neck. He gives your throat a long scorching lick, and you moan. His hands are on the buttons of your PJ top, and he follows up every opened one with a kiss on your thorax. Your top open, he takes your nipple in his mouth, and you claw at his shoulders. His tongue swirls around it, and then he slightly bites it. You wrap the second leg around him. Your underwear is drenched, and you just want him inside of you.

He’s apparently taking it slow. He is busy with the second breast when your patience snaps. You push your hand between your bodies and squeeze his erection. He hisses and bites hard. Good, enough of this unwavering smug self-control! You press your pelvis into him and cup his face. You force him to look into your eyes, and suddenly you feel so powerful. His body on yours, his lips on your skin, his hot cock pressed between you two, it all feels right and you give him a predatory smile. You catch his mouth in a bruising kiss and push his tracksuit bottoms down with your feet. It’s a very neat trick you learnt with a high school boyfriend, they never see it coming. You just have to be careful not to jerk them too sharply. He gasps into your mouth, and you close your palm around his cock.

Fucking hell, he is big. Not just big. You think it might actually hurt. But you are so wet and livid with lust that you just might be OK. Anyways, you are not stopping now.

“I am on a pill and clean,” you murmur in his mouth.

“I don’t sleep with women without a condom,” he is panting and jerkingly shakes his head. You assume that the long energetic strokes of your hand on his cock are slightly distracting.

“Do you have one?”

He is breathing through a wave of pleasure that shudders through his body and shakes his head. “You?”

“Why would I? I wasn’t planning on any adventures.” He snorts and then lifts burning eyes at you.

“Then we will have to solve our problems separately.”

He takes your hand and gently removes it from his twitching cock. Then he catches you mouth and slides his hand into your PJ bottoms. The apt fingers find your clit, and he gives it an experimental swirl. You moan and spread your legs wider. Oh, he is good! In most cases you need additional oral stimulation, couple fingers and a tongue, but he makes you come in a few seconds with just one finger in you. You are panting though your orgasm, and he’s lazily kissing your neck and collarbones.

Your turn. You roll you two over as much as it is possible in the sleeping bag and slide down his body. You are small enough, but there is another problem. You will probably faint inside the bag from overheating if you have to give him a blowjob without opening it. But you already hear him unzipping it. How considerate of him!

The task at hand is going to be labourious. His cock is not only large, the width is also beyond impressive. It has a whimsical curve, as if it is slightly pointing towards his left shoulder, and you giggle. He lifts a brow at you. You just can’t help it and tilt your head to match the angle. He drops his head on the ground and chuckles. Some snarky remark dies on his lips when you take him into your mouth and give him a long strong suck. He clenches his fists.

In a few seconds you have him completely unraveled and growling through his teeth. You are taking him deep into your throat, bobbing your head and massaging his testes. When you were sixteen you could not understand why Thea was so enthused when in some medical journal you read that squeezing your thumb in your fist apparently turns off you gagging reflex. Now you find this information very useful.

He pushes you off him and comes with a loud groan. You help him through it with your hand, pressing your lips to his hipbone, and he is taking shaky breaths. He is coming down from his high and starts laughing. It’s your turn to cock a brow.

He rubs his face with his large palms and speaks in a shaky raspy voice, “I don’t know why I’m laughing. I guess it’s just been awhile.”

He grabs a towel from a bag nearby and cleans up. You are waiting till he pulls his bottoms up, and then he opens his arms for you again. You nest into his side, and he zips up the bag. Then he lifts your face with his finger and looks into your eyes. You smile to him and then can’t hold back a yawn. He smirks and kisses you tenderly. He’s still smiling into the kiss but you already drift off.

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  1. Sex in a sleeping bag (and without a condom). Tricky, but well executed! ;o) I think Olivia would have a field day thinking this one through!

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